The way a brochure is folded can affect the way it is received. Folding options range from large volume machine folding to intricate hand-folded custom jobs. Documents that need to be hand folded for will take much more time than machine folding and is therefore generally more expensive.


Ideally, paper heavier than 150gsm should be scored before folding. Scoring or creasing ensures the sharpest possible fold is achieved and can help prevent the paper stock “cracking”.


Below are diagrams of the different kinds of folds.




folds_6p_LetterFold folds_6p_ZFold folds_8p_FrenchFold folds_8p_ParallelDoubleFold
folds_8p_ParallelMapFold folds_8p_ParallelOverOuterFold folds_8p_ZFold folds_10p_ZFold folds_12p_EndorsementFold folds_12p_ZLetterFold