Stock Coatings


There are different types of coating to choose from.


Matte coatings are somewhat lustreless, with a sheen-less surface that does not reflect light.



Gloss coatings are smooth to the touch but have a glossy, more light-reflective surface than matte coated paper.



Specialty coatings can consist of many varying kinds. These include metallic, scented “scratch & sniff”, glowing, Latex “scratchy” coating, glitter, UV spot varnishing, fluorescent, holographic, foiling, thermal colour changing and glowing coatings. They can also be textured or slightly rough to the touch, can include bubbly coatings, sand textured, flocking (a felt-like touch), leather grain and rubber-touch.All add dimension and an interesting aesthetic to the print. There is constant innovation in this area to “capture” people’s attention.